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Download Oracle ADF Faces Components Early Access

Oracle on Linux VMware Evaluation Tool Kits

Download Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control for Windows

Set Up Oracle Database 10g and PHP on Mac OS X



Justin Kestelyn, Editor-in-Chief, OTNDear OTN Member:
Thanks to new announcements in August, it has never been easier to evaluate Oracle on Linux.

First of all, it is now possible to do your evaluation on existing Windows machines via Oracle on Linux VMware Evaluation Tool Kits for Red Hat and SUSE. You'll be up and running in less than an hour.

Second, in the form of a new Oracle-on-Linux Installation Menu, we've compiled a robust set of installation information for Oracle software on supported as well as unsupported distros. This information has proved valuable to the OTN community during Oracle-on-Linux Installfests.

And if you still get hung up, the Linux Discussion Forum is teeming with other community members who are always eager to share their advice and experiences with others. Install away!

Justin Kestelyn, Editor-in-Chief, OTN
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Register for Oracle OpenWorld by October 15 and Save US$500
Our premier conference features industry leaders and experts sharing their insights and strategies. Keynote presenters include Larry Ellison, Carly Fiorina, and Michael Dell! You'll also find panel discussions, demonstrations, and over 400 sessions for enterprise and midsize businesses. Register today!

Download Oracle ADF Faces Components Early Access
Oracle ADF Faces is a rich set of user interface components based on the JavaServer Faces JSR (JSR 127). They provide various user-interface components with built-in functionality—such as data tables, hierarchical tables, and color and date pickers—that can be customized and re-used in your application.

Read the Oracle ADF Development Guidelines
Get a deeper understanding of Oracle ADF and learn some best practices.

New Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET) 10g Beta Release
The second release of ODP.NET 10g is now available for download on OTN. New features in this beta include QL statement caching, command cancellation and timeout, DeriveParameters support (automatic stored procedure paramater metadata population), and support for APIs introduced with ADO.NET 1.1.

Read the New Oracle-on-Linux Installation Menu
This collection of installation guides and tips worked best for customers as reported in the Linux Discussion Forums and OTN Installfests. Guides are available for supported (Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Asianux) as well as unsupported distros (such as Redhat 9, Fedora Core, Debian, and Gentoo).

Now Available: Oracle on Linux VMware Evaluation Tool Kits
These tool kits provide a VMware Linux virtual machine to evaluate Oracle on Linux (Red Hat Enterprise or SUSE) on existing Microsoft Windows systems. (Note: These kits are for evaluation and development purposes only. Oracle will not support production deployments of this package.) Download one today!

Register for Free Oracle 10g RAC Web Seminars
See experts from the RAC Special Interest Group (RAC SIG) and Oracle discuss RAC tuning, best practices, and customer experiences in these live biweekly Web seminars. Previously archived presentations are available as well. (account registration required).

LIVE Online Demos: Get Answers to Common Questions from the Experts
Register for a web-based series of live product demos by Oracle Direct experts designed to answer common customer questions. Subjects upcoming in September include Oracle Discoverer features for business users, J2EE/Web Services, and Oracle Database 10g Grid Control. Register today!

Get the Oracle Text Wizard for Oracle JDeveloper 10g
Leverage Oracle Text search functionality in your Java applications.

Oracle's Business Intelligence Solutions on Show at TDWI World Conference
The TDWI World Conference in Orlando (Oct 31-Nov 5, 2004) is the premier event for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing IT Professionals. This is your opportunity to preview Oracle's latest products and solutions in action with our Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Product Managers. Come early and register to win a FREE iPod Mini.



Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET) 10g Beta Release

Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Release 1 ( for Windows

Oracle Database 10g Developer's Release 1( for Solaris x86



For Developers:
Set Up Oracle Database 10g and PHP on Mac OS X
Mac OS X is now an officially supported platform for the Oracle Database; use this guide to set up your own development workstation.

In-Container Testing with JUnit and Oracle JDeveloper
Learn how in-container testing with JUnit is superior to mock objects for integration testing, how to apply that technique using Oracle JDeveloper.

XML Schema: Understanding Namespaces
Moving to XML Schema? This introduction to namespaces will help you understand one of its more important components.

Mike Lehmann: Your First BPEL Project
Learn how to wire a Web service to BPEL.

For DBAs & Sysadmins:
Tom Kyte: On Fetching, Storing, and Indexing
Tom fetches sequentially, stores inline, and indexes globally.

Installfest Confidential
A look behind the scenes at Oracle-on-Linux Installfests the world over, courtesy of their principal organizer.

Technical Note: Using Oracle Database 10g Data Pump Restart Capability
This Technical Note describes Data Pump restart capability with two examples, using Data Pump Export and Import command line utilities, respectively.

Guide to Linux Archive Utility Mastery
An introduction to the effective use of the tar, cpio, and rpm facilities for archiving and restoring files.

Kimberly Floss: Tracing SQL in Oracle Database 10g
New tools help you better understand the performance of your applications.



J2EE Design Patterns - Value List Handler
Understand and learn to use the Value List handler Design pattern to maximize performance while retrieving and displaying a large list of data to the client.

Connection Cache Attributes Sample Application
Check out this new sample application to understand how to retrieve connections from the Oracle 10g JDBC Connection Cache based on User Defined Attributes.

New JDeveloper How-To's
Generic Approach for Back-Button-Friendly Web Rowset Paging, Using Struts Tiles with Oracle ADF, and Adding Custom Swing Components to the Data Control Palette for Oracle ADF JClient



Oracle Database 10g Certified Associate Beta Exam! Register Now!
Become one of the first Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Associates in the world. By passing the Exam #1Z1-042 you will receive the Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Associate (OCA) credential, which recognizes your skills in administering the Oracle Database 10g and is a prerequisite to becoming an Oracle Database 10g Certified Professional. Space is limited; so register now!



Oracle Database 10g PL/SQL 101
By Christopher Allen (Oracle Press)
Step-by-step coverage includes storing, retrieving, and manipulating data, and a broad range of SQL and PL/SQL functions and tools. Practice with the included hands-on projects.

Oracle JDeveloper 10g Handbook
By Dr. Avrom Faderman, Peter Koletzke & Dr. Paul Dorsey (Oracle Press)
Get a complete overview of JDeveloper and take advantage of end-to-end support for modeling, developing, debugging, optimizing and deploying web services and Java applications.

Oracle Application Server 10g: J2EE Deployment and Administration
By Michael Wessler, Erin Mulder, Rob Harrop, Jan Machacek (Apress)
This book provides a focused, no-frills guide to getting J2EE applications up and running on Oracle Application Server 10g. It covers Oracle's J2EE container, OC4J, in full detail and then moves on to explain how to configure and use the various enterprise-level features that come with the commercial editions. [ Download Sample Chapter ]



Oracle Technology Day
Attend Oracle Technology Day and learn how to approach your next integration or business intelligence project. Pick up useful tips and techniques—from tactically integrating to your databases more quickly to setting the stage for developing and deploying a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Featured presentations include: Business Integration, Business Process Automation and Management, Better Business Decisions with Business Intelligence, and Introduction to RFID and Sensor-Based Computing.
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